Making Medical Staff Employment SMARTER

JINJI KARTE, a cloud Recruitment Management System
specialized in medical staff employment


for Improving Business Efficiency and Cost Reducing
in medical staff employment

  • Improving Business Efficiency Business hours spent for applicants’ data management and E-mail distribution will be greatly reduced.
  • Cost Reducing With analysis report, ineffectual activities can be grasped. Cost cut can be made for employment.
  • There will be no more need to pay additional fee
    for personnel introduction.

Other Substantial Functions

Categories Security, Safety

Latest security technology through data codification and SSL: Complete management of personal information

Data Back-up System

Data back-up system data management at multiple bases Avoidance of data loss by natural disasters, etc

Smartphone Utilization

Information of job candidates and reports can be read by smartphones

Schedule Management

Date of visit to schools and date of candidates’ visit can be managed through scheduling

Drawing Up Application Forms

Requesting data, easily create internship reception forms, questionnaire functions


Surveys satisfaction levels of each events through distribution of questionnaires to candidates

Recruitment Management System List
of Functions of JINJI KARTE

Basic functions

  • Log In
  • Log Out
  • Dash Board
  • Account Management
  • User management

Candidates management

  • Prospective candidates (job seekers) registration
  • Registering data en bloc by CSV file
  • Data registering by personal application form
  • Search for prospective candidates (job seekers)
  • Candidates (Job seekers) progress management
  • Candidates (Job seekers) mail distribution
  • Data extraction through CSV file
  • Printing labels for sending material
  • Simultaneous distribution function to candidates (job seekers) on Facebook pages - planning
  • Simultaneous distribution function to candidates (job seekers) on LINE@ - planning

Business management for schools

  • Data registration for schools
  • Data registration by CSV file - planning
  • School search
  • Sales progress management - planning
  • Sales action record management
  • Distribution of mails to schools - planning
  • Data extraction by CSV file - planning
  • Printing labels for sending out materials - planning

E-mail management

  • E-mail distribution to job seeking candidates
  • E-mail distribution to schools - planning
  • E-mail search
  • Setting up Email distribution conditions
  • Reservation of E-mail distribution - planning

Reports Management

  • Analysis report main KPI (Number of employed, Number of requests for data)
  • Analysis report according to application channel
  • Analysis report according to area/ university of applicants
  • Action record reports from application to acceptance
  • Acceptance number according to schools
  • Bench mark report (confirmation of report of other (anonymous) hospitals) - planning


  • Automatized prioritization of job seekers (through target set up)
  • Set up of application forms
  • Hiring KPI, target set up
  • SNS aligned set up - planning
  • Collecting questionnaires, aggregation - planning
  • Schedule management functions - planning

10 promises for Security and Safety

With the latest security technology,
our customers’ personal information is totally under control

  1. 1. Encoded Communication (SSL)

    By using encoded communication (SSL) and encoding communication data between computer and PC, prevents wiretapping and unauthorized alteration
  2. 2. Limiting Access

    A third person may not directly access the server. Only by being logged in from JINJI KARTE application can they access the server.
  3. 3. Data Encoding

    All data concerning personal information are encoded, and no third person can unlawfully use them.
  4. 4. Arrangements for a Private Server

    We will arrange for a private server for customer use, and secure independence of data. Other corporates and people may not access your data.
  5. 5. Complete Management of Data

    Unless we receive inquiries from customers, our company will not access customer data.
  6. 6. Prevention Methods of Information Leakage

    We will completely regulate access for even few people to prevent information leakage.

Strong backup systems that can withstand
emergency troubles like natural disasters

  1. 7. Multiple Backups

    We hold backups at multiple footholds so even if the servers have problems like natural disasters and the server is physically damaged, there would be no data loss.
  2. 8. Data Recovery

    Even if an erred data is entered, there is a system of rapid recovery installed so data recovery becomes possible.
  3. 9. Operative Rate Guarantee

    The system is 24 hour operation and it guarantees 99.99% operation percentage. Unless there is a large scale natural disaster, the system won’t stop.
  4. 10. High Speed Processing

    The system’s processing speed will maintain a high speed, and we take care so that the customers do not have waiting time.

Find out how JINJI KARTE can help

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Every client has unique needs. Working together we’ll find the right solution to achieve
your goals — and fit your budget.


Initial Price 150,000 yen~ We offer options for initial installation support

Price (monthly) 50,000 yen~

Total Price (annual price for the initial year) 750,000 yen~ (Initial price 150,000yen plus 50,000 yen x 12 months)
The service is offered and pays if only one person is hired without using staffing service.

The price for above is tax-exclusive price.
When using for multiple hospitals, please contact us for the price.


JINJI KARTE, A cloud Recruitment Management System
specialized for medical staff employment is currently under development for service release.
Please feel free to contact.